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Maintenance & Repair

Safety Pool Covers and Fence

Plastimayd's safety pool cover is engineered so you can rest assured that your family will be safe from harm when your pool is not in use. Using the latest technological concepts, we created a superior cover that resists the environmental elements that can affect a safety cover's integrity. Once you compare, we are sure you will choose the finest - a Plastimayd Safety Cover.

Our sleek, low-profile design will beautify your yard giving it a CLEAN winter look! Our computer-engineered designs with protective spring covers, aluminum end caps and stainless steel buckles will make your pool area look great - down to the finest detail! Custom and irregular shaped covers are our specialty!

• No-nonsense 10 Year Warranty - No fancy languages or hidden clauses - we simply make sure your safety cover will give you a minimum of 10 years of good use.

• We have a reputation for the highest quality, custom-craftsmanship and on-time delivery - that's value you and your family can count on!

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Custom and Replacement Pool Liners

Our collection of liners offer you an elegant selection of patterns with a wide variety to meet any architectural need. Using state-of-the-art graphic design, Plastimayd offers you print patterns that are the ultimate in realism and artistic achievement. Our liners are available in 22 pattern combinations that range from soft pastels to opulent jewel tones. Many of these designs are available in both 20 and 28 mil thickness.

For over 35 years Plastimayd has designed and computer engineered award winning pool liners that are durable and tested to fit perfectly with a level of quality that stands the test of time!  Even a small yard ca become an intimate oasis.

We specialize in complex design, so let us create and install the pool of your dreams! 

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Our Services

Seasonal Pool Maintenance

As the seasons change, regular swimming pool maintenance is required to ensure that your pool runs smoothly and safely for many summers to come. Spokane Pool Liners provides yearly or weekly swimming pool maintenance on your pool. Contact us for more information!

OPening Pool

Here in the inland northwest, early spring is generally a good time to begin balancing your pool water as it will prevent algae from forming when the warmer weather arrives. Our professional swimming pool opening services include the removal of the winter cover and winterization plugs, adding start-up pool chemicals, reassembling and starting up your pool filtration equipment for the season, putting in ladders, diving boards, lights and more.

Closing Pool

The best time to close your swimming pool is right after the warm weather goes, before it turns freezing.  Pool services typically include draining of water to proper winterization levels, blowing out the plumbing lines, the winterization of filtration equipment, adding pool chemicals, swimming pool cover installation as well as disassembling all pool accessories including ladders, diving boards and lights


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